Business & Industrial Retail & Services Point of Sale & Money Handling Pin Pads & Keyboards
Digital Infrared IR Thermometer Multi-Function For Body Baby Infant Non-Contact
NCR Compact Keyboard for POS w/Touchpad 5932-6570-9090
Preh PrehKeyTec MCI 3100 POS Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard & Card Reader
PrehKeyTec MCI 128 90328-600/1800 128 Keys Programmable Cashdesk Keyboard pos
Beauty And The Beast Red Rose, Preserved Fresh Flower Best Gifts for Lovers
Digital Infrared IR Thermometer Multi-Function For Body Baby Infant Non-Contact
Online retailers attack plans for sales tax
Ocado chief executive Tim Steiner, who attended the BRC meeting, has now put himself on a collision course with new business partner Morrisons after the supermarket's boss, Dalton Philips, called for an online tax. The letter said: "Online is a rare and ...
Leading Payment Processing Provider Now Offers a Variety of iPad Point of Sale Systems, Based on Individual Needs, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, now offers an extensive selection of iPad Point of Sale systems for businesses and retailers based on individual customer needs. With so many companies popping up every day ...
Retail Industry Stock Outlook - July 2013
The key data in retail industry analysis is comparable-store sales (comps), as it excludes sales at newly opened and closed stores. Improving job market, lower gas prices ... The company’s comps for the 4-week period ended Jun 29, 2013 ...
Business roundup: Lutheran Services nursing home dedication is today in Hickory
CONCORD — Walker Marketing has a new marketing partnership with North Carolina’s Brunswick County Tourism Development Authority. Located in the southeastern corner of North Carolina, the Brunswick Islands are made up of a wide variety of ...
State reports taxable retail sales of $26 billion in first quarter of 2013
OLYMPIA — The statewide taxable retail sales for the first quarter of 2013 (Jan. 1 to March 31) were up 8 percent to $26 billion as compared with the same time period a year ago, according to a report from the Washington State Department of ...
Cherry SPOS USB POS USB Keyboard w/ Card reader G86-62411EUAGSA/00
Topaz Systems IDLite TF-LBK460-HSB-R 1x5 Signature Terminal
Cherry MY8000 PS/2 Programmable Keyboard w/ Built-In Card Reader G81-8000LPDUS-2
PrehKeyTec MCI 3100 Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard and Card Reader!
Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB-R (USB) Signature Capture Pad
POS keyboard KSI-1301-2PI
VeriFone PINpad 1000SE for VeriFone Credit Card Reader
Verifone pin pad 1000,s box of 12
NEW STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet
Cherry SPOS USB POS USB Keyboard w/ Card reader G86-62411EUAGSA/00
ID TECH Versakey 230 w/ MagStripe Reader POS USB Keyboard IDKA-234133B - EUC
G86-62411EUAISA HP SPOS Keyboard (Used)
IBM 4690-3320 Point of Sale Keyboard 92F6320 93F1918 M7
IBM 4690-3320 Point of Sale Keyboard (92F6320/ 93F1918) W/Key Caps
MagTek 30050202 USB POS Pin Pad Payment Terminal - 800125949 Credit Debit Swipe
Topaz SigLite T-S460-B-R Electronic Signature Capture Pad 1x5
VersaPad VP6100 Interlink Electronics VersaPoint VP-6100 touch pad
Preh Point of Sale USB Keyboard w/ Card Scanner MC 147 C2A06L042M312 132 Keys
Hypercom P1300 PINpad (PCI PED) Pin Pad for T7Plus T4205 T4210 T4220 T4100
Cherry MY 7000 USB Credit Card Keyboard
LOT of 15 - Topaz TF-LBK462-HSB Signature Capture Pad - SigID
Brand New IBM 44D1840 CANPOS Keyboard w/ Pointing Device
NEW Cherry Multifunctional 104 Key Credit Card Reader Keyboard MY7000
NEW Verifone MX-915 PIN PAD Marathon KEY
Cherry 83key NotebooK  size ps2 keyboard  16mm trackball model CHE-
92F6330 KEYBOARD 4690-6300 POS 93F1919 M8
41J7526 65Y4679 50 key KEYBOARD 4690-6300 POS Black M8 USB
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PREH COMMANDER KEYBOARD (M52WX) (90311-017-0001) (New, Old Stock!)
IBM SurePOS Canpos II Keyboards SPANISH- Modular - IG - Lot of 100 - 65Y4642
Interlink VersaPad VP6100 Touch Pad
Toshiba Programmable USB POS Keyboard IBM 51J3339 (A) 00DN020 00DN121 (Open Box)
NEW Verifone MX-915 PIN PAD Mobil KEY
First Data FD-40 EMV PIN Pad for the Clover Station xPED-8006L2-3CR
CHERRY Encryptable SPOS Small Point of Sale Keyboard G86-61510EUADAA
VeriFone PINpad 1000SE
Para Ella Preserved Fresh Rose Flower with Fallen Petals Glass Dome Wooden Base
IBM M1 Model M8 50-Key POS KEYBOARD 4690-6300 POS Black RS485 65Y4677 65Y4681
INGENICO 3010 USB Debit Card Keypad / Pin Pad / Works / Power Adapter Included
PrehKeyTec 90328-614/1805 MCI128 Programmable Keyboard
IBM ANPOS Keyboard 13G2130 MSR, Pointing Device w/ 9953 Lock & Key-Pearl White
ID Tech SRED PCI KeyPad with Encrypted and MagStripe Card Reader
PrehKeyTec 90328-303/1805 MCI84 Programmable Data Input Keyboard
*Lot of 4* Topaz SignatureGem T-LBK462-BSB-R & T-L462-HSB-R
Interlink ePad Ink Signature Capture Tablet USB with Stylus. Works perfect.
First Data FD10 PINpad (PCI PED) for FD100/FD100Ti/FD50Ti/FD200/Fd130 more
Cherry Card Reader Scanner Keyboard PS2 SABRE model MY-7000
ePad Interlink USB Signature Pad With Stylus POS - Model 24-92489
NEW Visa Approved Pinpad FD-30 for Credit Card Reader Transactions
New Dejavoo Z6 Pin Pad Terminal
First Data Credit Card PinPad FD-10c
Adesso AKB-630RB Smart Card Reader&Magnetic Strip Reader USB keyboard, featuring
TEC PKBST-50 Programmable POS Keyboard
Verifone OMNI Pinpad 1000SE
IBM SurePOS Keyboard - CANPOS II - UK ENGLISH - Iron Grey - 93Y1273 - Lot of 10
IDTech uSign 300 signature terminal IDUB-015500 with USB-HID interface cable
VeriFone Vx820 pin pad power supply PWR282-001-01-A
VeriFone MX915 MX925 Powe Pack Adapter PWR132-003-01-A
v16) PARTech Pin Pad P003-160-02
USED - Verifone PINpad 1000SE Payment Terminal, (Gray) p/n P003-180-02-R-2
New NCR USB Compact Alphanumeric Keyboard w/Glidepad 5932-6680-9090
Advanced Input Devices 9370-001110-101 D Keyboard Model AID-1 CDA
IBM ANPOS 13G2127 Keyboard with Keycaps
NEW ~ Cherry G86 SPOS POS USB Card Reader Keyboard G86-61410EUAEAA w/ Driver CD
LOT OF 10 x IBM ANPOS POS Keyboard With Integrated Mouse FRU 13G2134 or 41K6962
VeriFone PINpad 1000SE Payment Terminal Black P003-180-02-R-2 Credit Card
First Data Credit Card Pin Pad FD-10C with USB CORD
IBM SurePOS Modular Keyboard - ANPOS II - FRENCH CANADIAN - 93Y1256 - Lot of 10
Honywell TT8501-CEUEB Transaction Team Signature terminal - w/POWER ADAPTER.
NEW Partner Tech KB1140 POS Keyboard Mouse Pad & Mag Stripe Reader Programmable
Cherry LPOS - G86-71411 Keyboard w/ Magnetic Stripe Reader G86-71411EUADAA
Samsung 650 Replacement is this SAM4S SPS-340 Flat Keyboard Cash Register
Cherry Electrical Keyboard with TouchPad G86-62401EUADAA ➔➨☆➨✔➨☆➔➨➨☆ ✔➔➨
Storm Interface 2200 Series PS/2, USB Compact Keyboard 2210-220223 Wired, Black
Storm 2210-220223 Public Environment Keyboard / Trackball NEW IN BOX USB Retail
Cherry LPOS QWERTY Keyboard G86-71400EUAEAA
NEW NCR POS Point of Sale USB Keyboard with Glidepad Programable 5932-6462-9090
CHERRY G83-6759LPAUS-2 USB KB w/Smart card reader
Topaz Signature Pad
NEW Verifone MX-915 PIN PAD BP KEY
Cherry G84-4420LPBEU-0 Keyboard
Verifone pinpad 1000 for Credit Card Terminal .
Lot of 2*PREH Commander M128WX 90311-019/0001 POS Keyboard UNTESTED/NO PS2 Cable
Cherry SPOS Keyboard with Card reader USB | G86-61411EUADAA-/00
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WorldPay, VeriFone Expand Efforts to Bring NFC/EMV-Ready Payment to Merchants
WorldPay is also in process of certifying compatibility of the VX 805 and VX 820 PIN pads ... business operating in over 30 countries, which allows customers to accept card payments both at point-of-sale and over the Internet. The Company offers services ...
Toshiba Outfits Premium Satellite Laptops with 4th Generation Intel Core Processors and Intros New Mainstream Laptops
Completely Redesigned Premium Laptops Up to 25 Percent Thinner Than Previous Models Plus Great Entertainment Capabilities and Battery Life IRVINE, Calif. -- Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc ...
VeriFone and XPIENT Integrate POS Solutions for Restaurants
The VeriFone VX 820 PIN pad provides a secure ... restaurant and software development specialists devoted to business process improvement and professional support services for the foodservice industry. XPIENT offers a full complement of integrated ...
VeriFone Unveils EMV-Capable, Portable Mobile Payment Solutions
VX 520 LE: A new entry-level device that can be combined with the widely available VX 805 PIN pad ... and services that add value to the point of sale with merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems for the financial, retail ...
Pinnacle, VeriFone Unveil New Mobile Payment Solutions
PAYware Mobile e105: an EMV-capable, PCI PTS debit-approved mobile payment acceptance solution that securely turns smartphones, tablets and other smart devices into a point-of-sale; and VX 520 LE: a new entry-level device that can be combined with the ...
Barnes & Noble warns of credit card, debit theft at 63 of its bookstores
Barnes & Noble Inc. said Wednesday that customers who shopped at ... card fraudsters have increasingly homed in on individual retail locations, which they consider softer targets, according to Dan Glennon, senior vice president of marketing ...