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Forenta 27VCY Cuff and Collar Press Shirt Laundry Dry Cleaning
Cissell AOL45 Pants Legger Press Laundry
collar cuff press Itsumi MYP-1
Forenta Bantam Shirt Sleeve Press 75SL Laundry Dry Cleaning
ajax CBS Shirt Sleeve Press Dry Cleaning Laundry
Itsumi Collar And Cuff Used In Perfect Condition
Stores approved for former seniors centre
The building has been used for administrative and computer services ... industrial uses. The new zoning would allow a long list of retail uses, such as retail stores excluding department stores and food stores, banks, convenience stores, dry cleaning ...
Fire Destroys Westmoreland Co. Dry Cleaning Business
NORTH HUNTINGDON (KDKA) – A fire destroyed a dry cleaning business in Westmoreland County Sunday ... Joseph Krow Dry Cleaning Company provides services for about 4,200 retail cleaners across the country. They are the nation’s largest specialty dry ...
"Washing and Cleaning in Mexico: Industrial Report" Published
The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Washing and Cleaning market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales ... coverage: Dry Cleaning Services, Dyeing and Coloring, Laundry Services.
Tide Dry Cleaners — P&G’s latest fresh idea
Tide, a brand associated with cleaning clothes at home, has gotten into the dry-cleaning business. The area’s first Tide ... But in entering the retail laundry and dry-cleaning industry, Procter & Gamble has its work cut out for it.
Wolf’s Cleaners freshens St. Francis stores
Their main office and dry cleaning plant are on Milwaukee’s north side ... and other work garments in a service area encompassing Milwaukee, Racine, and Waukesha counties. Services for residential customers includes cleaning of shirts, household linens ...
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Sankosha Shirt Machine CN567U and CN-660 Collar/Cuff Press
Dry Cleaning White conveyor, gently used
Forenta Shirt Press Model 461FOL
Textile Spot Cleaning Spray Gun Adjustable 110 volt ,adjustable nozzle,Brand new
NEW Unipress Solenoid Valve 36675-00 for Uni Press Dry Cleaning Laundry Machine
Lattner 30hp commercial gas steam boiler
Unipress Lighting AP Shirt Unit 2009 Model
Fulton VMP 60 HP Steam Boiler 2011 Model
Firbimatic EG50 Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine
Teflon Ironing Shoe for Sapporo SP-527 Electric Steam Iron Part # SP-527
IPURA Hydrocarbon Dry cleaning machine
Unipress LS1 Lightning All-in-one Shirt Unit 2013 Models
Unipress Lightning AP2 Double Buck Shirt Unit 2009 Model
Columbia Dry Cleaning Machine
dry cleaning machine
YAC Shirt Press
Unipress VASY Shirt Unit 2009 Model
Dry Cleaning Equipment
dry cleaning equipment /laundry equipment
Realstar HSK-500 Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine
Union HL860 Dry Clean Machine
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Unipress Hurricane Shirt Machine (HS2)
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Marvel Drycleaning Machine and Still
Saratoga Dry Cleaning Conveyor
Lot of Used Dry Cleaning Equipment including Cissell & Hoffman
Hoffman Hot Head Utility Press
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ADJUSTABLE DRY CLEANER Screen printing stain & spot cleaning 110v gun ARROW CM11
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Unimac Washer
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Fulton Vertical Boiler (Commercial Steam Generator)
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Chicago Steam Ironer 440-208 Volts 3 Phase
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Fulton Fuel-Fired Steam Boiler
WCZ Tensioning Collar & Cuff Press
2012 ACME Large Electric Steam Superheater ES-80-300-500-131-480-3-1-3 boiler
SOVRANA Dry Cleaning Machine
Hi-Steam SAM 451
Ajax Single Buck Shirt Unit
Union Dry Cleaning Machine 90 Pound K4, Hydrocarbon, Green Earth YEAR 2011
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White Clothes Conveyor
Ajax Shirt Sleever press drycleaning
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Commercial Dry Cleaning Machines
Coronet FS-18 Press Pad and Cover, 3-Pack
Milnor Washer 95lb
Service Business for Sale: Dry Cleaning in Uxbridge, MA
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2012 15 HP Fulton Fuel Fired Steam Boiler
Lattner 15 HP Boiler
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Sussman Stainless 7.2 HP Electric Steam Boiler
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lindus dry cleaning parts
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Linde to highlight Cryoclean® Snow cleaning equipment at AWISCO Trade Show
May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Linde North America will display its Cryoclean® Snow industrial cleaning equipment at the AWISCO ... expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services. Linde acts responsibly towards ...
Former dry cleaner building site Tosa's second structure fire in 12 hours
The Fire Department was called to the former dry cleaner facility ... Eaton Corp.'s former engineering building, in a once-industrial section of Milwaukee's central city, to create a business incubator for a new generation of electrical ...
"Washing and Cleaning in Mexico: Industrial Report" Published
The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Washing and Cleaning market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data ... Product coverage: Dry Cleaning Services, Dyeing and Coloring, Laundry ...
Puritan pumps water, dry cleans
For Puritan Cleaners, which was in the business of doing people’s laundry and dry ... services are also available. Better still, the free pick up and delivery service means you don’t even need to drop off your soiled laundry. Puritan Cleaners ...
Tide Dry Cleaners — P&G’s latest fresh idea
But in entering the retail ... Marketing. Dry cleaning is “a departure from their core business,” McIntyre said. “P&G is expert in consumer insights, product development, marketing and distribution. Now, they are entering into a service model.
Franchise opens first Texas location in Brownsville
Massachusetts-based dry cleaning chain Lapels is expanding into the Texas market, starting with Brownsville ... Kauachi thinks Lapels’ state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, competitively priced business model gives it an edge.